Rising inflation shows need for public sector pay rise

Tom Brake MP has renewed pressure on the government to lift the 1% pay cap for all public sector workers, as new figures show that consumer price inflation rose to 2.9% in August.


The rising inflation means a newly qualified nurse faces a real-terms pay cut of £412 this year under the cap, while newly qualified teachers face a pay cut of £435.

Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

"Rising inflation shows how urgent it is to address the sense of unfairness around the pay cap.

"With these numbers, our nurses, teachers and other public sector workers will experience a 2% pay cut in the coming year. This will only aggravate the recruitment and retention crisis we are facing.

"The government must take urgent steps to lift the pay cap for all public sector workers, and increase wages in line with inflation."

See full analysis of the real-terms pay cuts facing teachers, nurses and average NHS staff here.

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