School Places in Sutton

Some of you may have been concerned by the article in the Sutton Guardian about school places. Schools across London are experiencing increasing demand for places, but this issue is being managed very well in Sutton.

As the article states, Sutton, in common with the majority of other London local authorities has experienced considerable growth in demand for school places over recent years. So far, this has been experienced mainly in primary schools where the Council’s primary school expansion programme has increased the intake to Reception Year by 530 places over the past five years. Between 4,000 and 4,500 additional primary school places will have been created by September 2015 which includes an additional 18 forms of entry and 18 bulge classes. The overall number of places available in primary schools will be sufficient to meet demand for the foreseeable future.

For secondary schools, the level of demand for places will pick up significantly from about September 2015 and, to that end, Sutton is embarking on a programme of expansion of the secondary schools within the Borough, the first phase of which will provide an additional 120 places at Year 7, the year of admission, or approximately 800 new places overall across 5 secondary schools. Further phases of expansion will follow in 2016, 2017 and beyond. Therefore the overall number of places available in secondary schools will be sufficient to meet demand for the foreseeable future.

Although our borough is facing a difficult task, I am reassured that the borough has, and continues, to respond very well to the increase in demand with joint working between the Council and schools.