Sir Ranulph Fiennes backs Tom Brake this election

The world famous explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes has pledged his support for Tom Brake in the upcoming General Election on June 8th. Sir Ranulph is supporting Tom Brake due to Tom’s continued opposition against fox hunting.


Public feeling runs very strongly against a return to hunting with more than four in five people (84% in one poll) opposing its return. In spite of this, a pro-hunting majority may be returned to the House of Commons this time if the Conservatives win in seats currently held by MPs who oppose fox hunting.


Sir Ranulph warns that:


“Thousands of young fox cubs will be killed every year, as will hares and deer - simply because a secretive group of influential people consider such actions to be sport.”


The world famous explorer, formers SAS soldier and cancer charity campaigner is not a supporter of any political party. But he urges everyone in Carshalton and Wallington to vote for Tom Brake as they may tip the balance against a return to such a cruel sport.



The Liberal Democrats have pledged to uphold the ban against fox hunting, and Tom Brake has stated that he will continue to vote against proposals to repeal the ban, as he has always done during his time in Parliament.



Tom Brake said:


“It is frankly astonishing that fox hunting may be brought back despite so much opposition from the public. We need MPs in Parliament who are going to stand up against this proposal”


You can join Tom Brake’s campaign against fox hunting:


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