St Helier in line for Best Technology under Liberal Democrat plans

St Helier hospital would be in line for new life-saving equipment under Liberal Democrat plans to invest the fine from the Libor-scandal in NHS diagnostic and treatment machines.

The Liberal Democrats will use part of the £227m fine levied on Deutsche Bank for rigging the Libor rate to upgrade and replace high value equipment, including CT and MRI scanners.


Tom Brake Commented:

“I am delighted the Liberal Democrats will fund hi-tech equipment at hospitals like St Helier to provide patients with quicker diagnosis and the best treatment available.”


Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said:

“Investing in new equipment for hospitals will drastically improve patient outcomes and save thousands of lives a year.

“This additional investment in our health service further illustrates the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to the NHS.

“We are the only party to commit to the £8bn-a-year extra the health service needs and this additional money will further help patients get the treatment they deserve.

“When banks are fined it is only right we use the money to improve vital public services and fund the organisations that do so much to build a fairer society.”


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