St Helier - Your Story

St Helier Hospital is more than just names on a petition – it is a place of thousand stories.
They are stories of births, life-saving operations and dashes to the A&E. They are the stories of hard-working, dedicated nurses and doctors, and of paramedics dashing to attend emergencies and offer first-rate care to those in distress.
They are stories like those of Myra who, at the St Helier Picnic, told me that all her children and grandchildren were born at St Helier. A story that I can relate to as my wife gave birth to our two children at St Helier and we’ve always been grateful for their care.
Or the story told to me only a few weeks ago by one constituent who said simply that without St Helier A&E her ‘husband would have died from a heart-attack.’
Over the years, a Gold Medallist has passed through St Helier’s corridors. A Prime Minister has even been born there. But it’s the stories I hear every day as your local MP which emphasise what is at stake as we campaign to save our local A&E, maternity unit and children’s ward.
I want to showcase those stories to Sutton CCG, leaving them in no doubt that our hospital transforms lives every single day. And I’d like your help to do just that.
I’d like you to tell me how St Helier has helped you and your family? Perhaps a friend was treated there? Or even a close colleague? Maybe you were born there or have had to visit accident and emergency in the past?
If so, I would like to hear from you. I’ll treat your story in confidence, including it in a document which I will submit to Sutton CCG illustrating the real-life ‘Stories of St Helier.’
Your story will play an important role in getting healthcare bosses to look beyond the balance sheet and get to grips with the everyday impact of closing our A&E, maternity unit and children’s ward.
Thousands of stories have played out at St Helier Hospital. It’s time to tell yours.

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