Stroke Unit transformed at St Helier Hospital

The Stroke Unit at St Helier hospital has completed its transformation after a three-year programme funded by the National Institute of Health Research.


The transformation was known as the Collaborative Rehabilitation Environments in Acute Stroke project (shortened to CREATE) and it involved patients, relatives and researchers, led by Professor Fiona Jones.

It aims to increase patients’ social, physical and cognitive activity, helping recovery after a stroke.  The rooms and bays were re designed to make patients feel more relaxed, with more opportunities to be active and there is also now a social space, which allows families to spend more time with their loved ones.

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

The transformation of this Stroke Unit is brilliant.  The ward can now provide a much homelier feel, improving patients’ experiences whilst staying in the hospital.

“It also allows patients to create a real community within the unit and to socialise and feel less isolated, which is often the case during a stay in hospital.  Congratulations to the project leader Professor Fiona Jones for creating such a magnificent facility.

“It is another added benefit for patients who use our fantastic local hospital, which despite severe financial pressures, continues to outperform other hospitals nationwide. We must continue to thank and appreciate its dedicated staff.”

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