Sutton Cares

In celebration of Carers Week 2014, local organisations and residents are raising awareness of services available for those who selflessly give their time and energy to help those closest to them. 


Sutton Carers Centre have been named, Carers Weeks Quest Leaders – are putting on various events and workshops all week to educate the public on the extensive support available. Carers can often make their own physical and emotional needs a second priority without even realising it. The intensity of caring for a loved one, coupled with the never-ending pressures of everyday life, can often leave people feeling alone and cornered into a life of constant anxiety. 

It is estimated that there are at least 18,000 carers living in the London Borough of Sutton with many more not known to the Council. Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, said, “It takes a lot of strength, character and love to do what carers do. It’s time we showed our appreciation by highlighting what we can do to make their lives easier.” 

In March, Carshalton College rewarded young carers in Sutton for their hard work, by organising a Pampering Day. With students pulling out all the stops - from hair and beauty treatments to mouth-watering meals. It was so successful and enjoyed by all involved that they are hoping to host another.

Join Tom by pledging your support now, visit:

To attend one of the Sutton Carers Centre’s upcoming events, visit or call 020 8296 5611.

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