Sutton Community Awards Recognise Outstanding Community Heroes

Tom Brake joined Sutton’s Annual Community Awards to celebrate a number of achievements by community heroes. The awards are held every year to show recognition for those who have made important contributions to Sutton’s community, including volunteers, carers, charity workers and even good neighbours!

Pictured: Tom (Left) with Outstanding Achievement Award Winner Aaron Hearne (Right)


The ceremony, which was held in Sutton Central Library on the 25th February, honoured 5 people who made a positive impact on the community over the last year.

The awards were split into 5 different categories:

  • The Safer Borough Award - Won by Loredana Beasant

    • Given to those who have gone above and beyond to make Sutton a safer place to live

  • Improving Lives Award - Won by George Hall

    • For people who have gone the extra mile to help improve other people’s lives

  • Community Spirit Award: Mark Tomlinson

    • For those who have brought the community together through community projects, events and clubs

  • Business in the Community Award - Won by Tracy Fitzmaurice

    • For those who have increased prosperity and employment in the borough or have created important business initiatives

  • Outstanding Achievement Award - Two winners, Aaron Hearne and Shannon Fletcher

    • For those who have brought credit to the borough and themselves through their sporting, academic, artistic or cultural achievements


The event offered a fantastic opportunity for the community to recognise those who often go the extra mile to help others and the winners went away with a commemorative certificate and £100 in High Street vouchers.

Tom has worked closely with Aaron Hearne and the Liam Charity over the last couple of years.


Attending the Ceremony, Tom Brake commented:

“Events like this are absolutely amazing. It is so important that people get the recognition they deserve for helping out their community”


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