Sutton Stronger IN Europe

Local MP, Tom Brake, joined local Councillors, Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate Caroline Pidgeon and over 60 residents for the launch of the Sutton StrongerIN campaign at the BedZED Pavilion in Hackbridge on Friday evening.

Tom hosted the evening where guest speakers, Councillor Hanna Zuchowska, Carbon Cycle Director, David Sevier, Christian Wood, a keen young European, and Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate Caroline Pidgeon all made a passionate case for Britain to stay in the EU.  

Tom said, “The referendum will be a very close affair and will ultimately be won by residents up and down the country convincing their friends, family and colleagues of the benefits of staying in the EU. That’s why it was so powerful and inspiring to hear Hanna, Christian and Caroline talk about their individual views on why staying in Europe is good for peace, prosperity, opportunities and security.

For David, business was the reason for staying in the EU. He was worried that Brexit might prevent him from opening a plant in the UK, and stop him bringing money into the economy and creating jobs. 200,000 businesses that trade with the EU would be faced with this uncertainty if the UK leaves the EU.

Just this week the Britain’s biggest business group, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), warned that a vote to leave the EU could cost the British economy £100 billion and 950,000 jobs. This would be the equivalent of around 5% of GDP - by 2020.”

Tom added: ‘‘These warnings underline the risk to the UK economy of taking a leap into the dark and leaving Europe. We must come together, regardless of party affiliation, and stand up for staying in the EU. We must show just how strong we are by staying IN.”

If you would like to join the campaign to stay in the EU, visit



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