Tom Brake and Living Streets Urge Local Residents to 'Walk This May'

May is National Walking Month so Tom Brake has teamed up with Living Streets to help get people to walk to work, school or even just for fun!



Living Streets is a non-profit organisation that helps to get as many people walking about and keeping active as possible. If you can walk to your work or school and would like to take part in some of Living Streets’ great community projects or competitions, you can visit their website:


Tom Brake Commented:

“Walking to work or school is a great way to keep fit and is handy for those who struggle to find time to exercise. It can even help you save money on travel costs!

“It is not always possible for me to walk to work, as I’m sure it isn’t for many others. But as a keen runner, I strongly urge people to go out whenever they can find the time and just have a walk around as part of a regular exercise routine.” 

Tom is often seen walking and cycling to different events in Carshalton and Wallington.

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