Tom Brake and the Lib Dems Give the Power Back

Tom Brake and the Liberal Democrats have launched a package of measures to shift the balance of power back in favour of consumers and commuters to ease the cost of living and save families hundreds of pounds a year. The Lib Dem "Five Point Plan" comes on the back of the Lib Dem Digital Rights Bill that provides compensation for consumers who have their data misused online.  

The plan works by helping consumers switch suppliers or getting group discounts. After five years in government radically overhauling consumer rights law and driving competition in the energy sector, the Liberal Democrats want to go even further to save people money.


The Five Points are:


·         Saving people on average £200 a year by forcing energy companies to allow customers to change supplier within just 24 hours

·         Saving consumers on average £200 a year by extending ‘collective switching’ across the UK, helping people benefit from group discounts on bills

·         Saving money for customers on prepayment utility meters by 2017 by guaranteeing them the ability to install a smart meter

·         Saving consumers time and effort by making companies handle people’s switch over, and extending the measure to other consumer services like telecoms, TV and broadband services

·         Saving rail users money by ending the era of above-inflation rail fare increases


Commenting on the plan, Tom said:  "The Lib Dems have fought for a fair deal for consumers for years. I’m pleased by what we have achieved but there is still so much more we have to offer.

 "We want to change people’s lives by making sure that they are not ripped off by unaffordable energy and rail companies.


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