Tom Brake Attacks Tories for Lack of Compassion

Speaking to local Lib Dem members, Tom Brake MP, ripped into the Conservatives’ plan to cut ESA (Employment Support Allowance) WRAG funding by £30 a week. His attack came after the Tories refused to listen to warnings from charities, like the cancer care charity, Macmillan, members of the House of Lords, and even a few members of their own party, and voted to cut ESA.

Tom Brake is outraged at Tory plans to cut to the Employment and Support Allowance Work Related Activity Group. Claimants would receive £30 less a week, which could have damaging effects on their health and their chances of finding work. One in three families with a disabled family member already live in poverty. Many of these families rely on ESA WRAG funding as an essential source of income.

Tom said, “The Tories are at it again with their nasty cuts and lack of compassion for the most vulnerable in our society. It is absolutely absurd for the Conservative Government to think that cutting the funding for people who have difficulty finding work because of their long-term illness or disability, would actually be beneficial. Less money will not help them find work, but rather add more stress and make it even more difficult. Instead of being punished, these people need support. I will continue to put pressure on the Government to scrap these cuts and work to achieve WRAG support that is more tailored to claimants’ needs.”

ESA WRAG refers to funding that is provided to those who are not fit to work. Work-Related activity is mandatory and includes interviews and training courses. With the right support, the people in this group can move into work. To find out more information on ESA WRAG funding and the effects of the Welfare and Work Reform Bill, visit:

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