Tom Brake Backs Campaign to Prevent Cold Callers Hassling Vulnerable People

Tom Brake and the National Accident Helpline have teamed up to help raise awareness of the damage done by cold callers who harass older and more vulnerable people. Tom wants to let more people know how they can report aggressive and pushy cold salespeople.

A recent Trading Standards survey found that 40% of phone calls to elderly and vulnerable people were cold. Lack of awareness on the issue has also meant that 66% of people have said that they are not confident on where to go to report an aggressive or manipulative cold caller. Tom Brake and the National Accident Helpline want to let as many people as possible know that there is a procedure to deal with these nuisance callers.


For unwanted texts, please text the messages to 7726 for free and your provider will block the number and you shall receive no further messages from that company. If you would like to report someone who has called you please ask for the name of their company, their registered address and notify the organisation that you do not wish to receive their correspondence in future. You can also report cold automated telephone calls to OFCOM on 0300 123 333 on landline or 020 7918 3040 on mobile.


Commenting on the campaign to prevent cold callers Tom Brake said:
“Cold callers and aggressive sellers purposely target the elderly and vulnerable and can cause incredible amounts of distress to the person as well as swindling them for their savings! I back any campaign that would prevent these dangerous and underhand sales tactics from being used on anyone, especially those most vulnerable in our society”

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