Tom Brake backs initiative to promote growth of small businesses in London

The Lib Dem MP and spokesperson for London, Tom Brake, has thrown his support behind an initiative called the Camden Collective that will provide work spaces and shop space for hundreds of young entrepreneurs. The Camden Collective is stimulating growth in many small and emerging businesses.

Tom Brake visited the Camden Collective offices and had a look around one of the pop-up shops set up by the Camden Collective, one of the projects likely to bid for a share of the London Growth Deal funding announced for 2015. The Collective project finds unused spaces around Camden Town and, with permission from the building owners, allows a small business to set up shop and grow their businesses in the otherwise unused buildings. The group behind the project, Camden Town Unlimited is behind plans for a new public space which will serve to beautify the area, and improve traffic and pedestrian flow through the busy high street.


Commenting on the initiative, Tom Brake said: “The Camden Collective initiative gives young entrepreneurs an amazing opportunity to grow their small businesses and discover their business potential.”

“It is vitally important that young people are given the opportunity and encouragement to set up their own businesses and find their financial feet without the burden of a long lease, especially in a time when retail spaces are so sparse and expensive.”


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