Tom Brake Backs Move to Block Green Energy Cuts

Carshalton and Wallington MP, Tom Brake, is backing an attempt to overturn the government’s decision to drastically cut Feed-In Tariffs to solar energy.


The Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change Lynne Featherstone has tabled a fatal motion in the House of Lords against the Government cuts to Feed-in Tariffs, which was debated Tuesday afternoon.

Feed-in Tariffs help to support the solar industry and encourage companies to invest in solar. However, the government’s staggering 65% cuts will shrink the industry by over half its size and put 19,000 jobs at risk nationally, according to the Government’s own predictions. 

Tom said: “Supporting the solar industry is a critical investment. It helps both the economy and the environment. Cutting Feed-In Tariffs would hurt our efforts to tackle climate change and harm the solar energy companies that work in Sutton Borough. The Government must stop these Feed-In Tariff cuts and make the environment a greater priority.”

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