Tom Brake Condemns Theresa May’s Hardline Brexit Policies

Theresa May’s veto which blocked a move by the Conservative Cabinet, nearly a year ago, to provide certainty to EU nationals in the UK after Brexit, has been condemned by Tom Brake as cold and heartless. The PM’s veto was revealed in a recent Evening Standard article.


In response to this shocking revelation Tom Brake said:

"It is a badge of shame that Theresa May blocked attempts to guarantee the rights of EU nationals after the referendum. It shows how cold and heartless she is.

“Now that mean-spirited decision is coming back to haunt her, as we see an exodus from the UK of skilled EU workers, from nurses to academics.

“Simply setting out vague assurances without giving a clear guarantee to EU citizens or sufficient resources for the Home Office is not good enough.

“People who have made their lives here shouldn't have to face a bureaucratic nightmare to apply to stay, or see their applications arbitrarily rejected.

“We urgently need a new, streamlined process that gives all EU nationals, who have made the UK their home, the right to remain."

Data has shown that under the PM’s policy it could take around 11 years to process the millions of residency requests from EU nationals who live in the UK.

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