Tom Brake criticises Trump's decision to scrap Paris Climate Deal

Tom Brake has criticised the Prime Minister and her Government for failing to condemn Donald Trump’s decision to walk away from the Paris Climate Deal.


The Paris Climate Deal was an unprecedented and groundbreaking agreement between the world’s nations to tackle climate change. Climate change is one of the foremost threats our world faces, but seeing the US renege on their agreements in the deal is a signal that countries shouldn’t feel that they need to take tough measures to combat this threat.


Tom Brake had joined thousands of people by signing Greenpeace’s petition to call on the Prime Minister to use her influence and stop Donald Trump from scrapping the Paris Climate Deal for the US.


The Prime Minister, Theresa May, could have used what influence she has to stop the US from walking out on the terms of the agreement and save the deal, however her Government has failed to condemn the decision made from Donald Trump.


Tom Brake said:


“It was time now for the Prime Minister to prove that she can walk the walk as well as talk the talk when it comes to the ‘Special Relationship’ which she likes to boast that the UK and US have. Instead however again the UK has been shown up to our international partners as America’s poodle. The importance of this deal couldn’t be clearer, if the US scraps the agreement then the lives of millions will be put at risk from a collapse in the fight against climate change”.


Tom Brake has also written to the Prime Minister to express his disappointment.


“A vote for the Liberal Democrats next Thursday is a vote for a party which cares for the environment, whether it’s tackling climate change globally or boosting renewable energy. I want to be re-elected in order to help keep our constituency one of the greenest in London”.

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