Tom Brake demands £300m extra for police as crime rates soar nationally

Ahead of the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget Tom Brake MP has written to the Home Secretary demanding she 'do her job and keep the British people safe.'


The Metropolitan Police (MET) have seen a £600m funding cut since 2013, and are being asked to find another £400m in savings by 2021. Crime rates are up 13% in the last year alone, and violent crime has soared by 18%.

Tom Brake said:

"The government are failing in their first responsibility, to protect the British people.

"It is no coincidence that as Police funding is slashed, crime rates are soaring. 

"Not only is police funding going down, but they are being asked to do more and more. The service is under unsustainable strain as officers are diverted away from protecting their communities to working on counter-terrorism efforts.

"Sutton Police have been doing fantastic work in the borough, keeping crime down and keeping our community safe. I am worried that this will be jeopardized by further cuts.

"The government must devote an additional £300m to police funding, with a renewed focus on community policing to cut crime, act as a deterrent and address people’s fear of crime."

The Chancellor's budget will be published on November 22.

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