Tom Brake Demands Better Broadband For Carshalton & Wallington

Over the last few years, internet users all over the country have suffered poor speeds and an even poorer service as a result of BT’s underinvestment in the national network.  While Sutton is supposed to have some of the highest broadband speeds in the country, outages and unreliable access can make it difficult for businesses and individuals to confidently run their lives online.

Ofcom has set out their plans to improve Openreach, and they have asked the public for their views in a once-in-a-decade consultation. While the proposed consultation is a step in the right direction, Tom believes that stronger action needs to be taken in order to ensure that local residents and businesses have the digital future they deserve. The UK’s digital economy is more important than ever before and even with a £1.7 billion taxpayer subsidy, too many people are subject to a postcode lottery when it comes to receiving a fast, reliable broadband service.

Tom Brake added “BT have been busy buying up EE and bidding for the rights to televise football matches, rather than investing in a vital infrastructure which has left the UK lagging behind the rest of the developed world. The UK’s internet needs radical improvement - and fast. Ofcom, in Tim Farron’s words, ‘bottled it’ and did not break the two up, leaving Britain’s internet users in the wilderness. It is therefore up to the people to sign up to this campaign and finally show Ofcom that Britain will no longer settle for a lacklustre and dated service.”

The campaign to #FixBritainsInternet is making it easy for residents to share their views with the regulator at

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