Tom Brake encourages Sutton residents to fight diabetes

Diabetes week ran from Sunday 11 June to Saturday 17 June and Tom Brake joined in by encouraging Sutton residents to take a stand and fight against diabetes.


Diabetes is a growing problem in the Sutton area. Diabetes is a serious disease that can cause blindness, amputations and even early death. It is very important that diabetes is understood so these outcomes can be avoided.

This year, the Diabetes week motto was ‘Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes.’ To show his support for Diabetes week Tom Brake promised to encourage residents to do just that.

Tom Brake said:

“It is important for all of our residents to understand their risk of diabetes. It is a serious disease that is on the rise in our area. To keep Sutton healthy, we must all learn more about diabetes so we can understand exactly how to fight it.”

If you want to know more about diabetes, you can:

If you want to fight diabetes, you can:

To find out more about Diabetes click here:

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