Tom Brake fasts alongside Shaker Aamer, the last British resident detained in Guantanamo Bay

Tom Brake MP fasted in support of the last British resident, Shaker Aamer, detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on Monday October 19th.

On the 25th September 2015, Shaker learned that he would finally be released from Guantanamo after being held for 14 years without charge or trial.

Since by law, 30 days must be given to Congress before any prisoner can be freed from Guantanamo, Shaker has decided in the meantime to embark on a hunger strike to protest at the constant and ongoing abuse in Guantanamo. However, Shaker fears that in consequence, he may not live to see his friends and family again.

Tom said:

“I decided to fast for Shaker to not only show my support, but also to show my disdain of the ongoing abuse in Guantanamo Bay. It is ridiculous that after 14 years, Shaker is still there. Fasting for 24 hours was no hardship compared to the years of hunger and abuse he has endured.”

More information about the fast for Shaker here.


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