Tom Brake goes back to Primary School

Tom Brake went back to primary school on Friday when he joined pupils from Year Six at Amy Johnson Primary School to witness first-hand how the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s (NSPCC) Schools Service tackles the difficult issue of child abuse.

Tom attended a workshop with 24 children. The workshop focuses on educating children about abuse in all its forms, including bullying, sexual abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.

Volunteers deliver age appropriate interactive assemblies, followed by a workshop two weeks later, to help children understand that abuse is never their fault, and show them where to turn to for help.

Angela Wright, NSPCC Schools Service area coordinator, explained:

“Most children who contact ChildLine for information, help and support are over 11 years old. Sadly, in many cases abuse has been going on for some time. The NSPCC Schools Service enables us to reach out to those younger children helping them to understand and recognise what is and isn't normal behaviour, potentially before abuse even occurs.”

Tom Brake said:

“This was a really fantastic session. The children, far from being embarrassed, were really keen to talk about these issues in a safe and fun environment. I think all schools should participate in the programme.”

The service, which has been running since 2010, aims to visit all primary schools across the UK. Originally set up to reach all children aged 9-11, the service is soon to be extended to reach all children from the age of 5.

Schools wishing to find out more about the service should contact Angela on or visit the NSPCC website.


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