Tom Brake joins forces with London Fire Brigade to make homes safer

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake has welcomed London Fire Brigade’s (LFB) ‘Total Recall’ campaign aiming to make it easier for people to identify and protect themselves from faulty appliances.



One fire per day in London is caused by white goods which includes washing machines, fridges and freezers. The campaign is calling for a central register of UK product recalls, including foreign recalls of models sold in the UK. It also seeks restrictions on the second-hand sale of products which have been recalled.

Tom said, “with over 90% of fires involving white goods down to faulty appliances rather than human factors, LFBs campaign is vital. The government must now act to push through these changes and join LFB in putting the same pressure on manufacturers, to ensure nobody else suffers as a result of using faulty goods.”

For more information on Total Recall or the London Fire Brigade, please contact Caroline Davis on 07824 538142 or


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