Tom Brake Learns how Muschamp Primary School is Saving the World!

Tom Brake MP, last week, visited a local Eco-School Muschamp Primary to learn how schools and their pupils are contributing to a more sustainable world. Pupils from Year 6, Sophie and Maisie, showed Tom around their school. They explained how the school is reducing its carbon emissions and cut their energy usage to a bare minimum and saving a significant amount of money on heating and electricity bills.


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 Pictured: Tom (Left), Maisie (Centre Left), Sophie (Centre Right) and Education Manager of Keep Britain Tidy, Morgan Philips (Right)

The school is part of the Education for Sustainable Development initiative which aims to teach younger generations how to reduce water and energy use, as well as promoting biodiversity, reducing littering, living healthier and reducing waste. This vision of development embraces environmental concerns as well as issues such as the fight against poverty, gender equality, human rights, cultural diversity, and education for all.


Tom commented:

“Today I have learned a lot about living more sustainably. It is important to teach children how to care about the world around them and the Education for Sustainable Development is a great initiative to help that.”

 “It is impressive at how modest changes can make such an incredible impact on the local environment and the amount of energy we use. Muschamp Primary is a shining example of how schools should operate in the near future”.

 The Education Manager of Keep Britain Tidy, Dr Philip Morgan commented:

The school’s eco-committee are leading on activities that have improved the schools sustainability performance in so many ways. It was clear that they were learning not just about environmental issues, but also the skills they need to create positive change. If all the schools in their area followed this example the combined savings would be huge, if schools all over the country joined in England’s carbon footprint would be massively reduced. Muschamp are applying for their third Green Flag award this year, I’m really looking forward to seeing their application form to learn even more about their great work.”

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