Tom Brake Moves to Cut Air Pollution

15 June 2017 was the first national clean air day in the U.K. and Tom Brake joined in by taking measures to reduce air pollution.


Air pollution contributes to many children’s health issues. Specifically low birth weights, increased risk of asthma attacks and higher mortality rates. Tom is also concerned because air pollution has been linked to a number of cancers in adults.  

Tom Brake said:

“Air pollution is not an issue that can be taken lightly. Research has shown that air pollution is linked to many health problems. It is time to start doing everything we can to reduce the amount of pollution we create. Cutting down on transport emissions is of particular importance, as transport is a large source of air pollution.  That is why on clean air day I pledged to reduce the distance I travel by car.”

Tom has promised to reduce, talk about and avoid air pollution. Here is what Tom plans to do and some things you could try as well.

Reduce: Tom plans to drive his car less and cycle more.

Talk: Tom plans to share tips with others about how to reduce air pollution.

Avoid: Tom aims to drive only when necessary and avoid peak travel hours.

For more information about clean air day, the impact of air pollution, and to sign up to your own pledge click here:

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