Tom Brake MP and Lib Dems call on Government to tackle bed-blocking in NHS hospitals

In a push to reduce pressure on local NHS services caused by ´bed-blocking´, Tom Brake MP and his Lib Dem colleagues have called for a cross-party commission to tackle the funding crisis faced by the NHS and social care. Due to the lack of funding for social care, ever more patients who would be well enough to be discharged, are staying in hospital longer than necessary because they have nowhere else to go.

The lack of social care capacity means patients do not get the appropriate care needed after a stay in hospital, putting even more pressure on already over-stretched local NHS services. The cross-party commission, suggested by the Lib Dems, is intended to comprehensively review NHS and social care funding, with an objective to improving and better integrating NHS and social care services.

Tom said: ”Carshalton and Wallington, located in the urban Greater London area, relies on health services that are already stretched to breaking point. The lack of funding for social care and the resulting blocking of beds is putting unnecessary additional strain on our local NHS hospitals and services.

The Government must do more to ensure the best care both during hospital stays as well as after, especially in an aging society where the need for health and social care services is continually on the rise. I fully support my party´s call for a cross-party commission to review funding for the NHS and social care as it is our duty to safeguard these essential services that we all rely on at some point in our lives.” 

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