Tom Brake MP dashes through mud once more

Although Tom Brake MP thought last year would be the last time he would have to swim through freezing muddy water, he is going to happily endure it once more to raise money for the Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders at the Muscle Acre-Mud Slog event in Surrey on Sunday the 15th of November.
Every year, Tom asks what charity his constituents would like him to raise money for when running in the Annual Muscle Acre-Mug Slog 10K (or a similarly unpleasant physical challenge)Muscle Acre participants will run through fields, mud, water features, hills, and overcome numerous obstacles ranging from manure mounds to hay bales.
This year people voted that Tom run for the Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders, a charity that provides therapeutic riding and carriage-driving for children and adults with disabilities.  
Tom said:
“Although the obstacle course may seem treacherous, it’s actually a fantastic experience running along side other competitors and at least one dedicated member of staff. And it is for a great cause! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am looking forward to the Muscle Acre-Mud Slog race on Sunday!”
The race will kick off at 11:00am. You can support Tom and the Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders here.

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