Tom Brake MP Inspires Students to ‘Get Heard’

Local MP, Tom Brake, visited Stanley Park High School on Friday for a ‘Question and Answer’ with Year 8s about his role as an MP and working in Parliament. The questions fired at him ranged from his opposition to fox hunting, to the future of services at St. Helier Hospital.

The Q&A focused on the role of an MP as part of Stanley Park High’s new project called ‘Get Heard.’ This project is focused on making students aware of the impact they can have in their own neighbourhood. Students are also learning about British Government and working as ministers to research and design policies.

Tom said, “This initiative is beneficial to students’ overall education. Students should know that they have a voice and can make a change if they believe something is not right. This new programme gives these students the tools they will need to be an informed voter and hopefully inspire them to take action in their own communities.” 

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