Tom Brake MP joins forces with the Baha’i Community

Tom Brake MP, in a meeting with representatives of the Baha’i Community of the UK, backed their campaign for the right to practise their religion freely in Iran. The Baha'is have been continuously oppressed by the Iranian government since the mid-nineteenth century.

The Baha’i faith, the youngest of the world’s independent religions, represented in 188 countries around the world, has always been outcast by its native Iran. However, following the 1979 revolution, the persecution has intensified. Over 200 Baha’is have been executed and thousands more imprisoned.

The Baha’i homes and business are often vandalised and their communal properties taken away. There have also been repeated attacked by unidentified forces on Baha’i cemeteries, destroying and even digging up graves.

Tom said:

“For a religion that stands only for peace, it is incredibly unjust that they are met with repeated persecution. I support the Baha’i’s fight for human rights.”

The reports of Iran’s human rights record in the Universal Periodic Reviews of 2010 and 2014 suggest that there has been no meaningful change in government policy.

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