Tom Brake MP praises the UK Emergency Services after Blue Light Collaboration Day

Tom Brake MP praised the UK Emergency Services after witnessing the incredible work and coordination of the London Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service and the British Transport Police in a range of emergency demonstrations during Blue Light Collaboration Day earlier this month.


Blue Light Collaboration Day began in 2015 to showcase emergency personnel training and team-work to keep London safe.

The demonstrations included rescuing volunteers from a burning boat on the River Thames, stopping armed assailants, and evacuating a building after a release of hazardous gas.

Tom Brake MP said:

“With unprecedented levels of threat in London, we need to support the men and women who risk their lives every day to make London a safe place for every person to work and live.”

“The effective partnership between the emergency services ensures that there are tried and tested emergency plans to cope with the diverse threats that are present in London.

"I am so glad that Blue Light Collaboration Day has been created to give many of us an opportunity to be educated around emergency services group work and to thank them for their service.”

The demonstrations took place at the International Maritime Organization and Lambeth Fire Station. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, opened the event where guests attended the demonstrations and asked questions to the emergency personnel after the demonstrations.

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