Tom Brake MP questions Ministry of Defence about support for local Homes for Heroes

In Parliament on Monday, Tom Brake MP quizzed the Ministry of Defence about the support they plan to give local authorities, like Sutton, which are keen on establishing a Home for Heroes Housing site.

Tom asked:

“What support is the MOD able to give local authorities such as my own, Sutton council, which are keen to establish “homes for heroes?”

Mark Lancaster, The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence, responded:

“I recently announced that we were about to undertake a review of best practice. Following conversations with the chair of the Local Government Association, we intend to carry out that review to ensure that best practice is spread across local authorities throughout the UK.”

After the Minister's reply, Tom added:

"Spreading best practice is of course essential, but hard cash is too. With local council budgets taking a real hammering in the Chancellor's announcement a few days ago, all will struggle to deliver those desperately needed Homes for Heroes.”

“The Homes for Heroes Charity was founded in 2010 in response to the homeless ex-service personnel. Currently, there are over 4500 previous serving members of the British Armed Forces sleeping rough in the UK. So, Sutton Council wants to provide a site for this charity.”

A spokesperson for Sutton Council, commenting on Sutton's own Homes for Heroes project said:

“We are supportive of the Homes for Heroes project. We are keen to work with the group to see if we can find suitable sites in Sutton which are appropriate for their needs. This would be subject to consultation with the veterans themselves.”

More information regarding the Homes for Heroes Charity can be found here.  


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