Tom Brake MP teams up with young people to protect marginalised groups post Brexit

Tom Brake MP engaged with young leaders in a public policy debate surrounding the impact of a hard Brexit on the economy at the Marginalised Young People and Brexit event.


The 99% campaign, a youth-led initiative encouraging active involvement in civic life, organised the event to give a voice to marginalized groups like BAME Young Carers.

The young participants engaged with Tom and other MPs about how Brexit will affect them in areas such as education and the economy and presented innovative ways to reach marginalized young people in the post Brexit era.

Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake MP said:

"Today’s young people will bear the brunt of the Brexit consequences for decades to come.

"It is essential that we listen to their innovative thoughts on how to move forward in a manner that ensures that marginalized groups are not collateral damage in a Brexit disaster.

"My beliefs align with those of the 99% campaign and other young people who seek to protect marginalized groups such as Young Carers in the face of further cuts and slow economic growth linked to Tory Brexit.

"The Lib Dems passionately believe that Britain is better off in the EU.

"We will fight against the Conservatives disastrous hard Brexit - their choice - which will make the UK a poorer place."

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