Tom Brake MP tested during HIV Testing Week 2017

Tom Brake MP recently participated in a pop-up outreach event for National HIV Testing Week in Wallington Library to raise awareness and promote testing for anyone in Sutton who might be at risk of HIV.


In Sutton, people are diagnosed with HIV significantly later on average than elsewhere in the country.

Terrence Higgins Trust, the largest voluntary sector provider of HIV and sexual health services in the UK, and Spectra hosted the event.

National HIV Testing Week promotes HIV testing to gay and bisexual men and black African men and women, as these groups make up seven out of 10 people in the UK living with HIV.

Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

“We must defeat the stigma surrounding HIV Testing. Proactive awareness and regular HIV testing are essential for all at-risk individuals to ensure that every resident in Sutton is given the best medical treatment and highest quality of life.

“I am grateful to Terrence Higgins Trust for hosting the pop-up event and providing vital services to members of our community.”

National HIV Testing Week ran from November 18-24th. It is followed by World AIDS Day, which takes place today (on December 1st).

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