Tom Brake MP votes for amendment to make Housing Bill fairer and more affordable

This week Tom Brake MP voted for an amendment to the Housing Bill in a push to make new properties more affordable. The amendment, proposed by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron MP, was designed to safeguard the development of new affordable housing to both rent and buy and to ensure that these properties do not slip into the second homes market. Despite the proposal winning significant support in Parliament with 190 MPs in favour of it, the Government was able to mobilise enough opposition, defeating the amendment.

The Lib Dem leader also attacked the Government´s “Right to Buy” scheme, a plan heavily criticised by Tom Brake for the considerable negative impact it would have on Carshalton and Wallington residents in search of affordable housing. The “Right to Buy” plans would allow high-value council homes to be forcibly sold off, significantly reducing the number of affordable homes. Such a development would have a detrimental effect on constituencies like Carshalton and Wallington where housing situations are already under enormous pressure due to the close proximity to sky-rocketing London property and rental prices.

Tom said: “In a situation where not only London constituencies such as my own, but towns and cities around the entire country are confronted with a serious lack of affordable housing, the Government´s Housing Bill is simply unacceptable. Instead of creating a Bill that only further exacerbates existing problems, the Government should ensure that truly affordable housing is built and that those homes go to those who really need them, rather than becoming second homes.”

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