Tom Brake Refuses To Let EU Citizens Become Pawns In Tories' Political Games

Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake has tabled a bill that would give European citizens the right to stay in the country upon Britain’s departure from the European Union. Incoming Prime Minister, Theresa May has refused to grant any assurances to EU citizens, saying that their future in the UK should form part of future negotiations; a position vehemently opposed by even the most ardent of Brexiteers.

Tom and the Lib Dems have made their position clear; the livelihoods of EU citizens should not be used as bargaining chips. Any attempt by a Tory government to do so is a last gasp attempt to clutch at straws, symptomatic of the lack of contingency planning by the Tory Government. These EU citizens, who have been proven time and time again to be net contributors to UK society, deserve better than to become a mere means to an end.

Tom Brake said after he spoke to his bill: ‘The Government have not only dragged the economic future of this nation into uncertainty, they are also now determined to drag hardworking EU citizens into the quagmire which has become Brexit. Doubts over their future casts deeply troubling questions about the direction of our nation post Brexit. The Government should be showing Europe, and indeed the world, that Britain is still an open, inclusive and fair nation, rather than one which puts politics before people.’

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