Tom Brake supports action to encourage more women into politics

Tom Brake MP was happy to join Parliamentarians to welcome hundreds of women from across the UK to Westminster to inspire them to stand for political office.


The event took place on the centenary of the Qualification of Women Act when women were first allowed to stand for Parliament or public office. Since then there have been only 491 women MPs compared to 4503 male MPs. The event had the message #AskHerToStand and encouraged all involved to help close the gender gap.

Frances Scott, organiser of #AskHerToStandDay, said:

"On this important democratic centenary, it is heartening to see MPs taking action to inspire women to stand for political office.

"We are all saying 'Women, your country needs you!'. We need women’s experience and wisdom at Westminster. Today we hope hundreds more women will be inspired to sign up to stand. What a great way to celebrate the day that women could first stand for Parliament. Let’s build a better democracy together!"

Speaking about the event, Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

"In national and local politics only one in three politicians is a woman. This needs to change in order to ensure that policy is shaped by groups truly representative of all of our communities. If the numbers are evened up then hopefully we will see the diverse needs and experiences of everyone in our country recognised more effectively in politics and policies."

More than 300 women also joined their local MPs on the day to learn more about the work that goes on in Parliament. Tom Brake was very happy to meet with Sam Bourne and Yetunde Ishola and explained what his work is like and how they can get more involved in politics.

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