Tom Brake Takes a Stand Against Bullies

Wednesday 21 June was Stand Up to Bullying day and Tom Brake pledged his support. Tom promised to stand up against bullying and to raise awareness of the negative effects bullying has.


Research shows that bullying can cause long-term absences from school and impact mental health up to the age of 50. Nowadays bullying doesn’t just take place at school, it happens all over, even online which can result in an unrelenting attack, day and night. Tom believes it is time to say ‘enough is enough’ and take a stand against bullies.

Tom Brake said:

“Bullying is a real problem that happens not just in our schools, but also in our workplaces and online.  It is something we can no longer ignore. It is very important that we address the problem of bullying together. That is why I am encouraging everyone to pledge to say ‘no’ to bullies. Please join me in taking the anti-bullying pledge to stand up to bullies and create a safer community for our children.” 

To learn more about the effects of bullying, tips on how to handle bullies, and to take your own anti-bullying pledge click here:

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