Tom Brake Takes Questions From Pupils

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, has this week met with pupils from Amy Johnson Primary School, taking the time to meet them after their tour around the Houses of Parliament.


Tom with students from Amy Johnson Primary


Amy Johnson Primary School, at the heart of the Roundshaw estate, were invited to bring a class to Westminster on the 9th of February and quizzed Tom on what a day in the life of an MP is really like.


The children asked the Lib Dem MP about both the ups and the downs of being a MP, to which he answered: “I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people! Tomorrow, I’m going to meet with the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka as the official representative of the Government and today I am meeting you!”

When asked on whether he would like to be King for a day, Mr Brake commented: “I don’t think they’ll ask me to be King for a day because there are plenty of people whose turn it is before mine! But I am on the Privy Council which means that I do get to help make the decision about who the next King will be”.

And when asked which law he would pass if he had the choice to put anything through Parliament, he said ”I would want to make sure that all teachers are qualified, or seeking qualification, when they are put in charge of teaching you!”

Teachers from Amy Johnson confirmed that they are all qualified!

“It is so good to see children at that age taking an interest in politics and I’m pleased to have played a role in encouraging their enthusiasm for politics. Many of them said they wanted to become MPs! I hope to bump into them in Westminster again in the future.”

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