Tom Brake Urges Young Voters to ‘Bite the Ballot’

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington and Spokesperson for London, was one of the MPs who promoted National Voter Registration Day, by encouraging younger voters in his own constituency and across London to register to vote.

Mr Brake has joined the ‘Bite the Ballot’ initiative, which is leading the push to get as many voters registered ahead of the general election. With voter turnout amongst young people dropping substantially over the last twenty years, it is hoped that the campaign can target those who feel disenfranchised or ill informed about politics.


Also, with this being the first ever general election in British history where voters can register online, it has never been simpler. All it requires is a National Insurance number and around five minutes of people’s time. 16 year olds and over, can easily register through the Government website:


Tom Brake said:

“It is very important to try and get as many people to turn out to vote, especially at general elections. It is such a shame that many people who want to vote find out on election day that they are not registered. This campaign is about making sure that as many people are on that register.

With this year’s election promising to be closer than ever, it is vital that everyone’s voices are heard”

For more information on the ‘Bite the Ballot’ campaign and how you can become involved, visit:   

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