Tom Brake welcomes extension to registration deadline

After the electoral registration site crashed last night for an hour, due to a rush of last minute requests for a vote, the deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming referendum has been extended to midnight tomorrow (Thursday 9th).

The Liberal Democrats believe that as voting is a fundamental right, no one should lose their right to vote. The party urgently called for an extension of the deadline after last night’s fiasco which would have seen thousands of people lose their ability to vote. On Tuesday a record 525,000 people registered which has shown just how important people realise the upcoming vote on the UK’s membership of the EU to be.

Speaking about the emergency extension Tom Brake MP said:

“I am very happy to see that the thousands of people who missed on registering last night have a second chance to have their say in arguably the biggest political decision of a lifetime. For anyone who is yet to register I couldn’t be clearer when I say, get online and register now!”

Voters should also be reminded that, if they are already registered, they do not need to make a new application.

You can apply to vote here:

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