Tom Hosts Greater London Forum for Older People


Today in Parliament Tom Brake will chair a forum for older people on behalf of the Greater London Forum, covering the topic of healthcare provision during austerity times.


The event is being held at Portcullis House, The Boothroyd Room. The Forum will hear from Ruth Robertson, Fellow in Health Policy at The King’s Fund, Louise Robinson, Regional Liaison Adviser at the General Medical Council and Tony Burch, ‎GP Advisor at Health Education NW London. There will then be a ‘question and answer’ session for participants. The afternoon’s session will be chaired by Tom Brake MP.

Tom said:

“I am looking forward to this annual Greater London Forum for Older People event. The topic at hand, ‘In times of austerity should healthcare be rationed? What should the way forward be?’ is no doubt going to spark an interesting discussion and a spirited debate and I look forward to the question and answer session as well.

Older people can often feel left out of the political process, so it is vital to support the work the GLF is doing in creating opportunities for political discussion.”

If you wish to know more about the event, please visit


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