Tom supports Antibiotic Awareness Week


Tom has thrown his weight behind Wrythe Green Surgery to promote antibiotic awareness week, with the aim of raising awareness around the safe use of antibiotics.


Wrythe Green Surgery has prepared an extensive set of resources and information of patients who help give information on proper self-care as well as on trying to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Antibiotics only work against bacterial infections and do not kill viruses which are the cause of most infections we have. A virus may not be any less serious than a bacterial infection (think of Ebola which is a virus) and taking an antibiotic will not affect it, but about 15% of people will get a side effect to the antibiotic. Taking an antibiotic doubles the risk of your next infection being resistant to the antibiotic.

Wrythe Green Surgery has a dedicated page on their website and will be holding an Antibiotic Awareness Day in the Practice on Friday 18th November as part of a UK and European initiative, as well as to mark the Worldwide Antibiotic Awareness week.

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, said:

“This is a great initiative from Wrythe Green Surgery and I would urge all patients of the practice to take part in their awareness day and make use of their resources.

It isn’t always easy to know the rules around taking antibiotics and it is important that we make proper use of medical advice so that we do not risk infections developing immunities to the medicines that we have. Bacterial infections that develop resistance to antibiotics could emerge as the next global threat.”


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