Tory Coalition of Chaos Neglects St Helier Hospital

Tory desperation to stay in power has seen the Conservative Party cobble together a dodgy deal and a coalition with Northern Ireland’s reactionary party, the DUP.  The deal was secured at the price of a £1 billion bung to the DUP.


Tom Brake said, “It is astonishing that after a few days wrangling, the Conservative Government could find a cool £1 Billion to buy off the DUP and secure a wafer-thin and rocky majority in Parliament, but after two years, there is still no sign of the much smaller amount needed to rebuild part of St Helier.”

St Helier has received some funding recently for its A&E.

Tom added: “Of course the £750,000 allocated to the Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust from the Government’s £100 million A&E fund is welcome and should ensure the A&E functions well during the winter. But the hospital requires very substantial investment and now that the Government have found a huge amount of spare cash under the sofa for Northern Ireland, surely St Helier’s time has come?

"The government need to ensure hospital buildings are of a high standard and we have enough nurses, doctors and reliable IT systems. If the Government can deliver this for Northern Ireland, surely they can also for England and St Helier specifically.”

Tom has been campaigning to save critical services at St Helier Hospital ever since he was elected over twenty years ago. He collected over 25,000 signatures on a petition he presented to Brendan Hudson, Chair of the Sutton Clinical Commission Group of GPs in January of 2016. 

Join Tom and his campaign to save St Helier by clicking here:

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