Western Balkan Summit

Boris Johnson managed to make our country a laughing stock one last time as Foreign Secretary when he pressed for the UK to host a meeting aimed at helping countries to join the EU. 


How this Government, preaching the disadvantages of the EU day in and day out, could have the audacity to consider itself to be in a convincing position to host a summit which is supposed to foster closer collaboration with EU is beyond me. 

And I am not alone, many found the arrangement quite strange, considering the UK’s current move in the exact opposite direction, but leave it to our dear Boris to put our nation in the spotlight of embarrassment. 

The Western Balkans summit takes place as part of the diplomatic initiative - the Berlin Process - that German Chancellor Merkel launched in 2014.

It was the fifth time that the six leaders of the Western Balkans countries and like-minded European member states came and worked together, with the intention to encourage political cooperation, to increase economic stability and to consolidate mutual security efforts - in short, to ease their way into the EU. 

Personally, I fully endorse the promise to uphold European values and the commitment to maintain Europe’s security. Using the multinational cooperative European framework to strengthen the Western Balkans region to become strong, stable and prosperous has my unswerving support.

However, it seems rather laughable that the ‘Brexit means Brexit’ PM stated that the invitation of the leaders of the Western Balkans would demonstrate maintained commitment to the region and to European security post-Brexit. 

The UK Government supporting the objective to resolve regional issues via the European support network and leading by example, is nothing more than an unsettling farce. But of course it gets better. Boris was unreasonably late to his own meeting with the summit participants, because he was a tad bit busy resigning as Foreign Secretary.

On the bright side, Boris does not now have the chance to blabber any further nonsense in office, which, in these absurd Brexit times, seems like a victory - a clear sign of our country’s desperate state of affairs. 

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