Youngsters losing their lunch, the elderly losing their homes - The scary and shameful leadership being offered by Theresa May

Commenting on the publication of the Conservative 2017 General Election Party Manifesto yesterday, Tom Brake expressed his fear that the country was being taken for a fool by a Tory leader who believed she didn’t need to listen to the country as she thought she had already won.


The manifesto was overshadowed by the decision to dismantle social care funding so that people needing residential care will face being forced to part with their homes in order to have their care provided for by a Tory Government.

There were similar cruel policies for the youngest generation, with the Tories cynically scrapping free school lunches for children, thereby preventing so many children reaching their full potential.

Tom Brake said:

“This manifesto shows the Conservatives embracing their image as the UK’s nasty party. With a manifesto which fails to provide assurances for so many who have been hit by brutal Tory cuts and which drags the UK unwillingly down the path of the hardest of Brexits, Theresa May has shown that she really doesn’t care about what the country needs most”.

“As a sign of the Chancellor’s quiet awareness that leaving the Single Market and Customs Union means the UK economy driving off a metaphorical hard Brexit cliff, the manifesto is not even fully costed, showing an economic incompetence from a party which has consistently failed to meet its economic targets.  

“This all adds up to one clear message. We need a strong opposition to a Government pursuing such a dangerous agenda. That opposition is the Liberal Democrats.

Tom added:

“Carshalton and Wallington clearly needs an MP to challenge the Government on their actions, such as their failure to invest in St Helier Hospital and local primary and secondary schools and letting Southern Rail off the hook for their awful service. A vote for the Liberal Democrats and a vote for me on the 8th June is a vote for someone who will always fight for local residents.”

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